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Total Chiapas


This destination is a natural and cultural wonder, you need at least a week to visit it, get to know it and enjoy it. That is why we decided to create this trip for you to live an incomparable experience. We will visit incredible archaeological zones, fascinating waterfalls, mystical indigenous towns and we will even enter the Lacandona Jungle















Day 1.- Our appointment begins at the Angel of Independence, where your registration will take place and you will choose your seats in the transport.

Day 2.- Chiapa de Corzo - Sumidero Canyon - Viewpoints - San Cristóba de las Casas

We will arrive at Chiapa de Corzo, a thousand-year-old settlement of the Chiapas people, a colonial town and a liberal historical city, currently a magical town, here you will have time to have breakfast and recharge your batteries to start this incredible journey. Later we will visit the Sumidero Canyon National Park, there we will navigate by boat for two hours on the Grijalva River between imposing walls of more than a thousand meters high and we will appreciate crocodiles, monkeys and a great diversity of birds. We continue visiting the viewpoints, where you can appreciate the beauty of the Sump Canyon from above. We will finish in the magical town of San Cristobal de las Casas, where we will stay.

Day 3.- Lakes of Montebello - Border with Guatemala - Chiflón Waterfalls

In the morning we will go to the Montebello Lakes, more than sixty bodies of water between pine and oak forests that make up this national park. The colors projected by its waters are due to a light effect caused by the refraction of the sun and the minerals on the bottom. You will have the opportunity to sail on a cork raft and swim in this paradise. Before leaving, we will visit the Mexico-Guatemala border, you will find sweets, drinks, clothes and even money to take with you as a souvenir. In the afternoon we move to Chiflón, a chain of waterfalls and ponds formed by the San Vicente River as it falls towards the central depression of Chiapas. You can swim, jump off the zip line and admire the impressive waterfall.

Day 4.- San Juan Chamula and Zinacantan Indigenous Peoples

We will visit places full of tradition, folklore and mysticism . We will arrive at San Juan Chamula, upon arrival the first thing you will find is the municipal pantheon that protects the church of San Sebastián (in ruins), both are worthy of appreciation and knowing their secrets, you will walk through its streets between the smell of firewood and pine until you arrive to the central square (headquarters of the authorities, the market and the church) there is the church of San Juan, which owes its fame to the magical atmosphere of its interior. Later we will visit Zinacantán, a Tzotzil people whose sacred spaces are marked by the color of their textiles and their beautiful flowers; as well as for its hills that surround the small valley and complex formed by the church of San Lorenzo.

Day 5.- Agua Azul Waterfalls - Misol Ha Waterfall - Palenque Archaeological Zone

Our adventure continues early, we start by visiting the Agua Azul Waterfalls, one of the most spectacular and unforgettable wonders of Mexico, there you can walk, appreciate the flora and fauna of the region and enjoy a panoramic view of the waterfalls. The tour continues towards the Misol Há Waterfall, a natural beauty with a drop of more than 30 meters high that forms a gigantic pool that you can enjoy swimming. You can also walk along the trails and through the curtain of water. We will continue our journey to Palenque where we will enjoy a tour of the Archaeological Zone of Palenque, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Temple of the Inscriptions is one of the most representative places of the place, built to house the remains of King Pakal and where the hieroglyphs detail the history of the dynasty that ruled the city. We do not stay in Palenque.

Day 6.- Yaxchilan Archaeological Zone - Bonampak Archaeological Zone  

In the morning we will travel to one of the most impressive classic Mayan cities due to its location, the mastery of its architects and sculptors that can be seen in stelae, friezes and lintels where episodes of the Mayan nobility are narrated. In Yaxchilán you will be able to observe in the heights of the jungle, herds of howler monkeys and spider monkeys. The boat trip is made by the river  Usumacinta, the largest, geographical limit between Mexico and Guatemala. On our tour of the treasures of the ancient Mayan civilization, we will visit the city of painted walls, Bonampak, within the Montes Azules reserve. In this site is the most representative and grandiose sample of the mural art of the Mayan splendor. To end the day, we will rest to the lullaby of the jungle song in a Lacandon tourist camp.

Day 7.- Hiking through the Lacandona Jungle

On a walk through the heart of the Montes Azules Reserve and with the guide of an experienced Lacandon native, we will observe the flora and fauna of one of the places in the world with the greatest biodiversity, we will visit a city of stone lost in the jungle: the archaeological zone of Lacan ja, we will also go to the Las Golondrinas waterfall to cool off. Immediately, we will return to the Lacandon community to have food and later return to the city of Palenque for the night.

Day 8.- Hacienda Cacaotera - Traditional Maya Chontal meal

We will start our way back to Mexico City, visiting a cocoa farm in Tabasco, here we will have a guided tour by a cocoa master, we will enjoy and learn about the culture of this delicious seed. To finish, and as a thank you for having been part of this experience, we will have a traditional Mayan Chontal meal, you will be delighted by both the preparation and the flavors that you will taste.


Date: from December 29 to January 5

Departure on December 29 at 8pm

Return January 5

Meeting point: Angel of Independence

General public rate:

cost per person $9,899 quadruple room

cost per person $9,999 double/triple room

Frequent Traveler Rate:

cost per person $9,399 quadruple room

cost per person $9,499 double/triple room


- Lodging in Palenque, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Lacandona jungle.

- Double / triple / quadruple occupancy

- Guided tours

- Digital photo gallery

- Travel coordinators

- Internal transfers

- Round transport

- Traveler's insurance on board the transport

- Special price for frequent travelers

- Typical Mayan farewell meal

Reserve your place with $3,000 and settle in easy payments up to 15 days before the start of the trip.


- Food and drinks not mentioned

- Tickets ($1,500)

- Personal expenses



Send us a message by:

whatsapp: 5528575623

 inbox or


asking about the availability of the tour.


Make your section per person of $3,000


Send us the photo of your section along with the following information:

-Nombres completos de los viajeros  /  Fechas de nacimiento  /_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Email  /  Telephone

You will receive a confirmation email of your reservation


You can pay for your trip in easy payments and settle a maximum of 15 days before the tour. When you settle your places you will receive your access passes and recommendations for the trip.

    Schedule an appointment at our offices located in Nayarit 69 Roma Sur from Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 5:30 pm -When using this option, the bank charges a commission percentage depending on the months without interest that you choose. ----PER PERSON IN QUADRUPLE ROOM---- 1 exhibition: $4,100.00 3 months without interest: $1,435.00 each month / In total you will pay $4,305.00 6 months without interest: $747.00 each month / In total you will pay $4,480.00 9 months without interest: $514.44 each month / In total you will pay $4,630.00 12 months without interest: $398.00 each month / In total you will pay $4,770.00 ----PER PERSON IN DOUBLE ROOM---- 1 exhibition: $4,200.00 3 months without interest: $1,473.33 each month / In total you will pay $4,420.00 6 months without interest: $766.66 each month / In total you will pay $4,600.00 9 months without interest: $527.77 each month / In total you will pay $4,750.00 12 months without interest: $408.33 each month / In total you will pay $4,900.00



1.-   It is the responsibility of the traveler to settle their reservation before the deadline, in case of not being able to settle on the deadline, they will have to contact the Mexico del Tingo al Tango team and request an extension, which will have a cost of $199.00 mxn additional to the cost of the tour. In case of not requesting the extension, we will be forced to cancel the reservation.

2.-   On the day of the tour, you will need your printed and signed travel pass to be able to board the unit.

3.-  It is the responsibility of the traveler to locate the meeting point in advance and arrive at least 5 minutes before the    hour departure indicated in the tour reservation.

4.-  Out of respect for all travelers and in order not to delay the itinerary, no extra tolerance time is granted under any   circumstance.

5.-   For card payments or payments directly at the office, it is necessary to schedule an appointment.

6.-   Once you have made your reservation, you accept the cancellation policy, terms and conditions.

7.-  All prices shown do not include VAT.

8.-   Privacy notice, cancellation policy, terms and conditions available at the   link .

9.-  Promotions do not apply to this trip.

10.-   For CARD PAYMENTS we do not accept departmental cards, only from PARTICIPATING BANKS available at

11.-  In case the CLIP terminal declines the payment, it is the customer's responsibility to contact their bank.

12.-  All reservations and access passes are sent to the email provided by the client at the time of making the reservation, without exception.

13.-  Get to know the characteristics of the double, triple and quadruple rooms:

Double room: room with a double bed, 2 people in the room.

Triple room: room with two double beds or one double bed and one single bed, 3 people in the room.

Quadruple room: room with two double beds, 4 people in the room.

14 .-  In the event that the trip cannot be carried out on the established date, due to the closure of places due to the pandemic, the departure will be postponed to another date. No refund will be handled. The traveler accepts this condition at the time of booking.

15 .-  The itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.

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