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isla lobos
isla lobos
isla lobos
isla lobos
isla lobos
isla lobos


The wait is over and it's time to go to the beach! to sunbathe, swim and enjoy a few moments of relaxation away from home.


During this trip we will take you to the state of Veracruz, which has really beautiful places. We will visit the magical town of Tlacotalpan, we will navigate in boats through the sea and the Papaloapan River, we will discover the island of En Medio and you will even be able to swim in its crystal clear waters, in an environment of pure nature.








Our appointment begins at night at the Angel of Independence, where we will register travelers and begin this great journey of relaxation: sun, sand and beach.

We will arrive in the morning at Tlacotalpan, the perfect place for a delicious breakfast in front of the Papaloapan River, later with all the energy, we will get on a boat to start a tour of the river, we will see the picturesque houses that characterize the magical town, we will listen to stories of the place and if we are lucky we can see the magic of the bird charmer! 

We will continue this day visiting Punta Roca Partida, a place surrounded by nature, here we will visit the cave of the pirate Lorecncillo. Do you want to know the history? sign up for the trip! We will also surround the island of the birds and we will witness a beautiful natural spectacle, finally we will make a stop at the Escondida beach which is characterized by its crystal clear waters, it is an ideal beach to swim, relax and forget about stress. We will return to Tlacotalpan to deliver the rooms, you can take a shower and go out to explore the colorful streets, it is an ideal place for incredible photos! At night, the Jarocho fandango, regional music and dance, takes place in the town's main square!! 

We will start our next day with a delicious breakfast, you will choose the place that you liked the most for breakfast. We will meet at the unit to start the road to the Isla de Enmedio, when we arrive at the pier we will take a boat and after an approximate journey of 30 minutes we will arrive at a small paradise island , you can walk around it and see the beauty of this island, you can also swim and snorkel, the variety of marine animals is beautiful! or you can also lie on the sand and enjoy the sea breeze.

*The tour to Isla de Enmedio is an activity that depends 100% on weather conditions and navigation permission from the Port authorities*

We will finish the day with a meal, you will have time to change your clothes to start the return home.

Date: from July 29 to 31

Appointment Friday at 11:00 p.m.

Meeting point at the Angel of Independence, near Banamex

Does not include: tickets ($700 total), personal expenses, food and drinks 

Includes: roundtrip transportation, lodging in the center of Tlacotalpan, travel coordinators, digital photo gallery, internal transfers, traveler's insurance on board.

Cost per person room. Quad: $2,399

Cost per person room. double/triple: $2,499

Cost per person single room: $2,999

Reserve your place with $1,300 and settle in easy payments up to a week before the start of the trip.



Mándanos un mensaje por:

whatsapp: 5528565723

 inbox ó


preguntando por la disponibilidad del tour.


Realiza tu apartado por persona de $600


Envíanos la foto de tu apartado junto con los siguientes datos:

-Nombres completos de los viajeros  /  Fechas de nacimiento  /  Correo  /  Teléfono

Recibirás un correo de confirmación de tu reservación


Podrás ir pagando tu viaje en cómodos pagos y liquidar máximo una semana antes del tour. Cuando liquides tus lugares recibirás tus pases de acceso y las recomendaciones para el viaje.

    Schedule an appointment at our offices located in Nayarit 69 Roma Sur from Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 5:30 pm -When using this option, the bank charges a commission percentage depending on the months without interest that you choose. ----PER PERSON IN QUADRUPLE ROOM---- 1 exhibition: $4,100.00 3 months without interest: $1,435.00 each month / In total you will pay $4,305.00 6 months without interest: $747.00 each month / In total you will pay $4,480.00 9 months without interest: $514.44 each month / In total you will pay $4,630.00 12 months without interest: $398.00 each month / In total you will pay $4,770.00 ----PER PERSON IN DOUBLE ROOM---- 1 exhibition: $4,200.00 3 months without interest: $1,473.33 each month / In total you will pay $4,420.00 6 months without interest: $766.66 each month / In total you will pay $4,600.00 9 months without interest: $527.77 each month / In total you will pay $4,750.00 12 months without interest: $408.33 each month / In total you will pay $4,900.00



1.-   It is the responsibility of the traveler to settle their reservation before the deadline, in case of not being able to settle on the deadline, they will have to contact the Mexico del Tingo al Tango team and request an extension, which will have a cost of $199.00 mxn additional to the cost of the tour. In case of not requesting the extension, we will be forced to cancel the reservation.

2.-   On the day of the tour, you will need your printed and signed travel pass to be able to board the unit.

3.-  It is the responsibility of the traveler to locate the meeting point in advance and arrive at least 5 minutes before the    hour departure indicated in the tour reservation.

4.-  Out of respect for all travelers and in order not to delay the itinerary, no extra tolerance time is granted under any   circumstance.

5.-   For card payments or payments directly at the office, it is necessary to schedule an appointment.

6.-   Once you have made your reservation, you accept the cancellation policy, terms and conditions.

7.-  All prices shown do not include VAT.

8.-   Privacy notice, cancellation policy, terms and conditions available at the   link .

9.-  Promotions do not apply to this trip.

10.-   For CARD PAYMENTS we do not accept departmental cards, only from PARTICIPATING BANKS available at

11.-  In case the CLIP terminal declines the payment, it is the customer's responsibility to contact their bank.

12.-  All reservations and access passes are sent to the email provided by the client at the time of making the reservation, without exception.

13.-  Get to know the characteristics of the single, double, triple and quadruple rooms:

       Habitación individual: habitación con una cama individual, 1 persona en la habitación.

Double room: room with a double bed, 2 people in the room.

Triple room: room with two double beds or one double bed and one single bed, 3 people in the room.

Quadruple room: room with two double beds, 4 people in the room.

14 .-  In the event that the trip cannot be carried out on the established date, due to the closure of places due to the pandemic, the departure will be postponed to another date. No refund will be handled. The traveler accepts this condition at the time of booking.

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