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Nevado de Toluca
Nevado de Toluca
Nevado de Toluca


The winter season is best lived when you travel to this beautiful place. El Nevado offers unique landscapes, such as the lagoons of the sun and the moon, in addition to which to reach the natural viewpoint we will hike through the mountain while enjoying the fresh air.

If the temperature of the place drops considerably, we will be lucky to see snow!

We will also take you to the magical town Valle de Bravo.



Dates: February 19, 2022

Departure:  4:30am

Return:  9:30pm

Meeting point at the Angel of Independence, in front of the Sheraton Hotel

Cost per person : $999

Reserve your place with $500 and settle in easy payments one week before the trip.



Toulca's snowy

lagoon of the sun

moon lagoon


Natural viewpoint of the Nevado de Toluca

Magical town Valle de Bravo

Optional places such as: Velo de Novia waterfall, La Peña viewpoint and Valle de Bravo boardwalk


trip coordinators

internal transfers

round transport

Traveler's insurance on board the transport

digital photo gallery


Food and drinks

Tips to local guides

Tickets and activities

Personal expenses


In the morning

After making the registration of travelers we will start the trip to the Nevado de Toluca. 

Once we arrive at the camp we will start the walk along the path that takes us to the natural viewpoint. The beauty of the landscape will leave you impressed you will have time to take many photos and if the weather allows it,  we will be able to go down to both lagoons.



Send us a message by:

whatsapp: 5528565723

 inbox or


asking about the availability of the tour.


Make your section per person of $500 . 


Send us the photo of your section along with the following information:

-Nombres completos de los viajeros  /  Fechas de cumpleaños  /_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Email  /  Telephone

You will receive a confirmation email of your reservation


You can pay for your trip in easy payments and settle a maximum of one week before the tour. When you settle your places you will receive your access passes and recommendations for the trip.


Deposit at the window, transfer and OXXO
datos bancarios tingo bbva (1).png

1.-   Reserve your place with $500.00 per person.

2.-  Send us a photo of your proof of payment along with your name, date of birth, telephone number and the travelers' email address. EN EL CONCEPTO DEL          PAGO DEBE GO: NEVADO AND YOUR FULL NAME

3.-  You will receive our advance confirmation, so we will ensure that your places will not be occupied by anyone else.

4.-  You must settle your places in payments or in a single payment before the deadlines.

5.-  Once the payment is complete, send us your receipt and you will receive your travel pass, which you will have to present on the day of the tour to exchange it for your bracelet.

Send us your receipt by whatsapp, email or inbox

whatsapp: 5528575623


inbox: _d04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149-206713b_c

Advances and settlements can be made via deposit, transfer, oxxo payment or directly at our office in Nayarit #69 Col. Roma Sur.


1.-   It is the responsibility of the traveler to settle their reservation before the deadline, in case of not being able to settle on the deadline, they will have to contact the Mexico del Tingo al Tango team and request an extension, which will have a cost of $199.00 mxn additional to the cost of the tour. In case of not requesting the extension, we will be forced to cancel the reservation.

2.-   On the day of the tour, you will need your printed and signed travel pass to be able to board the unit.

3.-  Es it is the responsibility of the traveler to locate the meeting point in advance and arrive at least 5 minutes before the_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf5-cc781_de 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ departure time indicated in the reservation of the tour.

4.-  Out of respect for all travelers and in order not to delay the itinerary, no extra tolerance time is granted under any   circumstance.

5.-   For card payments or payments directly at the office, it is necessary to schedule an appointment.

6.-   Once you have made your reservation, you accept the cancellation policy, terms and conditions.

7.-  All prices shown do not include VAT.

8.-   Privacy notice, cancellation policy, terms and conditions available at the   link .

9.-  All minors pay the general rate.

10.-  The promotions are not cumulative.

11.-    For CARD PAYMENTS we do not accept departmental cards, only from PARTICIPATING BANKS available at_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-https://clip.mx_bb3b-138d5 /

12.-  In case the CLIP terminal declines the payment, it is the customer's responsibility to contact their bank.

13.-  All reservations and access passes are sent to the email provided by the client at the time of making the reservation, without exception.

14.-  Trip not recommended for people with diabetes, poor physical condition, obesity, high blood pressure, low blood pressure and heart problems.

15 .-  Snow, as well as hiking through lagoons depends entirely on weather conditions. We appreciate your understanding. 

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