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Machu Pichu


machu picchu peru
montaña 7 colores peru
machu picchu peru
laguna humantay peru
cusco peru
montaña 7 colores peru
lima peru
lima peru
lima peru


To say goodbye to bad vibes, relax in the middle of nature and have a well-deserved rest.

On this trip, we will take you to the beach, we will visit an incredible waterfall, we will swim in a pool that they say is magical, do you dare to swim in it? We will have a tour of mangroves, we will enter a natural reserve where macaws, monkeys howlers, crocodiles, iguanas and also where you could clean yourself to get away from the bad vibes. 


14 al 23 de Octubre

desde $38,230 mxn

Precio por persona en base a ocupación doble

Vuelos incluidos

12 al 21 de Noviembre

desde $36,199 mxn

Precio por persona en base a ocupación doble

Vuelos incluidos

3 al 12 de Diciembre

desde $37,700 mxn

Precio por persona en base a ocupación doble

Vuelos incluidos

Aparta tu paquete con vuelo con $8,999

Los vuelos internacionales tendrán salida 1 ó 2 días antes de la fecha de inicio del tour y 1 ó 2 días después del termino del tour.

En caso de requerir noches adicionales, el costo será cubierto por el viajero.

Inicio y fin del viaje


Tarifa paquete sencillo


Precio por persona en base a ocupación doble

$20,000 mxn

Aparta el paquete sencillo con $3,999









Mándanos un mensaje por:

whatsapp: 5528575623

 inbox ó


preguntando por la disponibilidad del viaje.


Realiza tu apartado por persona desde $3,999 para paquete sencillo ó con $8,999 para paquete con vuelos y fija tu plan de pagos.


Envíanos la foto de tu apartado junto con los siguientes datos:

-Nombres completos de los viajeros  /  Fechas de nacimiento  / Número de pasaporte / Correo  /  Teléfono

Recibirás un correo de confirmación de tu reservación junto con tus boletos del vuelo internacional.


Podrás ir pagando tu viaje de acuerdo al plan de pagos asignado y liquidar máximo antes del 8 de Febrero del 2024. Cuando liquides tu viaje recibirás tu recibo y comprobante de liquidación. Se dará seguimiento para recomendaciones del viaje.



1.-   It is the responsibility of the traveler to settle their reservation before the deadline, if they cannot settle on the deadline, they will have to contact the Mexico del Tingo al Tango team and request an extension, which will have a cost of $199.00 mxn additional to the cost of the tour. In case of not requesting the extension, we will be forced to cancel the reservation.

2.-   On the day of the tour, you will need your printed and signed travel pass to be able to board the unit.

3.-  It is the responsibility of the traveler to locate the meeting point in advance and arrive at least 5 minutes before the    hour departure indicated in the tour reservation.

4.-  Out of respect for all travelers and in order not to delay the itinerary, no extra tolerance time is granted under any  circumstance.

5.-   For card payments or payments directly at the office, it is necessary to schedule an appointment.

6.-   Once you have made your reservation, you accept the cancellation policy, terms and conditions.

7.-  All prices shown do not include VAT.

8.-   Privacy notice, cancellation policy, terms and conditions available at the   link .

9.-  Promotions do not apply to this trip.

10.-   For CARD PAYMENTS we do not accept departmental cards, only from PARTICIPATING BANKS available at

11.-  In case the CLIP terminal declines the payment, it is the customer's responsibility to contact their bank.

12.-  All reservations and access passes are sent to the email provided by the client at the time of making the reservation, without exception.

13.-  Get to know the characteristics of the single, double, triple and quadruple rooms:

Single room: room with a double bed or a single bed, 1 person in the room.

Double room: room with a double bed, 2 people in the room.

Triple room: room with two double beds or one double bed and one single bed, 3 people in the room.

Quadruple room: room with two double beds or one double bed and two single beds, 4 people in the room.

14 .-  In the event that the trip cannot be carried out on the established date, due to the closure of places due to the pandemic, the departure will be postponed to another date. No refund will be handled. The traveler accepts this condition at the time of booking.

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